Did you know that Ben 10 Games are available Online?

March 14th, 2011

Did you know that Ben 10 games are available to play online? This might excite you if you are a big fan of Ben 10 cartoons. If you don’t know who Ben 10 is, he is a cartoon series that shows on cartoon network. Whether you know about the cartoon or not, you’ll surely enjoy playing the online games that are available. I must warn you though, you just might get addicted to the online games; you just can’t get enough of Ben 10 thrilling games!

Ben 10 Longbow

Ben 10 is entering an archery contest in this game. You need to try to help win all of the tournaments. Show off your skills but using the spacebar for power in the game. Use the arrow keys to help you adjust your aim.

Ben 10 Memory

Remember all of the pictures in the game and match them all as a pair.

Ben 10 Alien Scene 3

Drag and drop Ben 10 and the other alien characters onto the screen to create your own Ben 1- world.

Ben 10 Puzzle

Put the pieces of the puzzle together to make the perfect picture.

Ben 10 vs Bakugan

Who will win this fight; Ben 10 or Bakugan? You can now decide on your own who will win this fight. You can choose to play either one of these characters; use your bow and arrow to fight.

Ben 10 Underworld Game

Kevin Kidnapped Gwen, and now she need to be found by Ben 10 through the Underworld.

Dress Up Gwen

Gwen, Ben 10’s cousin, needs to be dressed up. Choose from the various clothing and accessory options to dress her up in the perfect cute outfit! This is a great game especially for girls!

Top Five PlayStation games of 2010

June 16th, 2010

The PlayStation continues to hold itself high and above as what is arguably the best console out there. The PlayStation 2 has the distinct honor of being the best selling console of all time and the third installment of the PlayStation has impressed many with its new features and upgrades. Together, they have provided one of the best consoles for gaming in 2010. There are many games that were released for the PlayStation consoles in 2010 and they were mainly good. The best five of the year on the consoles were:

1. MLB 10 The Show: For a Sony game, this game really did exceed expectations. This game came out for both the PlayStation 2 and the 3rd version of the PlayStation. One disappointing aspect that was made in the PS2 version was the non inclusion of an online mode. However, the PS3 mode had online, a new and intriguing catcher system allowing the catcher to call the game, and a more detailed Road to the Show function than ever.

2. God of War 3 – This game is a game that all of the fans from the last installment could not wait for. While God of War 2 was a great game, the third version brings Kratos and all kinds of different adventures one leads him through many interactive levels.

3. NBA Live 2010: With Orlando Magic Center Dwight Howard heading the cover, this game did a lot of good work with the fans. It was an instant hit. The updated rosters, the smooth game play, and the interactive online leagues made it a keepsake for all basketball fans and a much better investment than the similar NBA 2k10 which featured Kobe Bryant on the cover.

4. Final Fantasy XII – Another superb Square Enix Production, this game will brighten the hearts of all Final Fantasy fans as it is another great version of the always popular Final Fantasy series which dates back to the very first PlayStation.

5. Grand Turismo 5 – As a racing game, it really doesn’t get any better. Loaded with the best graphics out there and a quick, clear cur succinct driving system, Grand Turismo is sure to make heads turn. There are many different cars to choose from and over a thousand tracks. Each track provides different scenery and view as the racer gets a feel of the different venues that racing has to offer.

Though this list is just five of the best games to come out for the PS3 and, for some the PS2, there are so many other games that are worthy of being played.  While the PS3 continues to be rivals with the XBOX 360, it finds a way to achieve the upper hand through hi==its great interface and preferred online method. The deep inventory of games from the PlayStation venues never ceases to amaze and hardly disappoint. These games can make a person buy a console, especially even if they haven’t laid hands on one before. As far as PlayStation games go for the PS3 and PS2, those are the best for 2010 and it foreshadows bigger and brighter things the following year.

Second Life Virtual World : A new year technology

December 28th, 2009

What is Virtual World? Day by day technology is become more powerful. As the improvement of technology , we can hope that the idea of virtual world can come true in this new year. A virtual world is a computer-based simulated environment that users can inhabit and in which they interact with others either as themselves or through software agents (bots) or graphical representations called avatars. Due to the limited computational power and network resources available on today’s machines, virtual worlds are often implemented using 2D graphics with simple physics and AI engines. However, as computers become more powerful, virtual-world designers are using 3D graphics and more sophisticated algorithms. Types Of virtual world Three-dimensional virtual worlds can be broadly classified into online games and metaverses. Online games have been around for over a decade. Some—for example, first-person shooters like Quake—are designed to let a small group (up to tens of users) play together. Massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs) are designed to scale from hundreds to thousands of players simultaneously. Most online games rely on the client-server model, in which each user runs a client program that connects to one or more machines that run the server program. Meta-universes, or metaverses, are fully immersive virtual spaces that significantly differ from online games in several ways. Key Features of a Virtual World : That may be implemented in new year ? A virtual world must support a broad range of client machines from high-end gaming desktops to ultramobile PCs. ? A virtual world’s servers are connected to high band-width links while client are connected to lower band-width links. ? A virtual world must accurately represent users, in the form of avatars as well as object such as buildings,terrain and trees Software architecture for virtual world In recent year there are many research has already been done that how the software of virtual world will be designed. A recent research propose a design where Second Life users run a client program that connects to a central server, which employs three main clusters of machines. The data servers manage a central database, a logging database, an inventory database, and a search database. Another collection of servers simulates the virtual world as it evolves over time. Finally, a small number of machines perform utility functions like user authentication during login and instant messaging during sessions. Finally we can say that Unlike traditional online games, metaverses like Second Life must dynamically provide content—which is mostly user-generated and continually modified—to users depending on their location in the virtual world. So we can expect that as virtual worlds evolve to support more users, types of interactions, and realism, these demands will increase by orders of magnitude in new year